Why Athletes Should Not Take Steroids

Winning is everything for some athletes. They will stop at nothing to achieve their goal, even if it means taking steroids to boost their on field performance, which are typically performance boosting chemical compounds that increase the metabolic rate of the body of the user, allowing them to work harder without being exhausted. Although athletes use other performance enhancing drugs too, they prefer steroids, as it hides the usage of other illegal drugs for example prohormone stack. Apart from this, steroids also reduces weight, increases muscle strength and mass, and fight off fatigue. However, steroids also pose a risk to the health of the user, especially if their quality is not good, and if the user takes more than the recommended dosage, hoping that this will help them achieve results faster.

Availability of steroids

One cannot purchase steroid based pills and supplements from reputable online or brick & mortar stores unless they have a valid prescription with them. However, the internet is full of stores that offer steroids for sale without any prescription. One only needs to be careful that they purchase their requirement from reputable stores. This ensures that they do not end up purchasing counterfeit steroids, imported in bulk from third world countries, repacked, and sold off as original stuff. One can easily identify the fake stuff by looking at its label and the method of packing. As counterfeiters do not have the money required to purchase blister packaging machines, they sell their products in glass bottles, which do not have a tamper proof seal.

Dangers of taking steroids

Athletes should be extra careful when taking steroids, as traces of it remains in their body for many months. The authorities of WADA (World Anti Doping Agency), can easily detect traces of steroids through blood, hair follicle, urine, and other tests. Once detected, they can ban the athlete from participating in competitive sports for several years or even impose a life time ban on him. Does this imply that athletes are left with no option to improve their on field performance? The good news is that they can increase their anabolic hormones easily and naturally.

I have seen drug stores promoting steroids

You might have seen drug stores promoting steroids. However, they will sell it to you if you have a valid prescription. In case you did not know, doctors prescribe steroids to cure a wide range of health issues such as gout, arthritis, and Sjorgen’s syndrome to name a few.